400-04 CV

Open Circuit Portable Impactor Plant
  • Outperforms similar sized track units for production and quality of product.
  • Transports with ease. Just hook up the tractor and go. No additional or specialized trailer necessary.
  • Moves easily around the job site with the optional dolly kit with pintle hitch.
  • Features standard grizzly bypass chute and available cross-belt conveyor with flop gate to allow for either removal of the material that passes through the grizzly deck for stockpiling or blending back with the crushed material.
Impactor UM-04
Operating Length 45' 10" / 14.0M
Gross Weight 56500lbs / 25600kg
Travel Length 41' 0" / 12.5M
Travel Width 8' 6" / 2.6M
Travel Height 13' 5" / 4.1M