Gomaco 9500 Trimmer/Placer

Rideability Starts Here... With The World’s Most Versatile Material Handling Machine

The Advantage of GOMACO’s Unique Front-Mounted, Two-Track Design

More Power and Minimum Side Clearance… Our state-of-the-art, hydrostatic, direct drive motor in the trimmerhead provides ample power for trimming capability and is mounted internally to allow minimal side-clearance.

Does not Leave the End of the Pass Untrimmed… Only the front-mounted trimmer allows for trimming to the end of each pass or within inches of front obstacles.

Low PSI… The large track surface contact area and the two-track design provide a high tractive effort and low ground pressure on the trimmed grade.

Proportional Hydraulic System… Proportional valves are used in the conveyor lift and swing circuits, and the grade control circuit to provide fast, smooth responsive control.

G+® Controlled Travel… Smooth travel for trimming accuracy and job-site mobility.

G+ ConnectTM… Simply connect any sensors from our library of sensors or 3D control.

Asset Utilization… The versatility of the 9500 comes directly from the front-mounted design. This allows changing the same machine from a grade trimmer to a shoulder trimmer or to a concrete placer.

Less Maintenance Time… Easy access to the front-mounted trimmer allows quick inspection of the trimmerhead or replacement of teeth.

Quick Transport Readiness… The trimmerhead or concrete hopper is easily detached and the machine simply backs off. No additional equipment is needed at the location to remove them.

It Loads Itself… Optional hydraulic front lifting arms load the trimmerhead onto the trailer, so additional heavy-lifting equipment is not needed at that location.

Maneuverability… A 360-degree turn in the machine’s own length is possible because of the two-track design. A wide turning radius is not required like three-track machines. Maneuverability is important in today’s job-site conditions.

Visibility Means Safety… The operator has a full view of the trimmerhead or concrete hopper because it is directly in front of the operator’s platform, or the operator can move around the platform using the exclusive GOMACO remote.

Automatic Rear Steer… The 9500 features rear steer to back up on line with stringline or other guidance.