Gomaco GT-3400 Sidewalk Trimmer

High-Volume Grade Preparation with the GT-3400 Trimmer

A trimmer for narrower-width, zero-clearance flat or monolithic sidewalk and curb and gutter

Easily fits between existing trees, utility poles and other obstacles in residential sidewalk paving

Three-track design features All-Track Steering for easy maneuverability between obstacles, getting on/off stringline, and loading/unloading the machine

Trims standard and monolithic sidewalk profiles up to eight feet (2.4 m) wide

Hydraulically-controlled front gate on trimmerhead can be raised to trim through windrowed material or lowered for standard trimming

A 15 foot (4.6 m) long, 15 inch (381 mm) wide transfer conveyor and a 19 foot (5.8 ft) long, 20 inch (508 mm) wide discharge conveyor move the trimmed material

Discharge conveyor folds and swings 90 degrees from center to avoid obstacles such as trees and utility poles

The GT-3400 is operated by a wireless remote control allowing the operator freedom to move around the job site while operating the machine

Controls are located on the discharge conveyor for positioning and folding