Gomaco High Production Screed

Introducing the revolutionary high-production, truss-mounted screed, for paving of bridge decks, flat slabs, and concrete floors.

The new GOMACO screed can advance as much as four feet (1.22 m) in a single pass to drastically reduce your finishing time, providing savings in your concrete delivery cost and total project labor.

The leading auger is 5.7 feet (1.74 m) long and provides high-production strike-off action and reduces the number of puddlers you need out in front for the project.

The five foot (1.52 m) long finishing cylinder compacts and finishes the concrete in a single pass.

The six foot (1.83 m) trailing screed provides the final finish to the surface with a unique GOMACO-designed vibratory system.

The GOMACO high-production screed with a patent pending design for tilt and skew is mounted to our C-450 truss system.

This is instrumental in the optional 3D package available for the high-production screed to finish to a 3D model design.

The new screed system now allows you to economically finish city streets, concrete floors, bridge decks, tunnels, and canals at widths up to 104 feet (31.7 m).

GOMACO was founded to manufacture bridge deck finishing equipment and continues to be “Dedicated to Concrete – Dedicated to You” and continues the work to advance bridge deck and flat slab technology.