Gomaco IDBI Dowel Bar Inserter

The Worldwide Authority In Bar Placement

GOMACO’s IDBI Dowel Bar Inserter is the industry’s most productive and compact system for the automatic insertion of dowel bars across a finished concrete slab. It is designed for installation onto a two- or four-track paver. The paving operation, bar insertion and finishing operations are all combined into one compact unit. Click here to see a step-by-step explanation of the IDBI’s insertion process.

The IDBI is GOMACO’s patented system of putting dowel bars into a concrete slab during the paving process. Our engineers have designed a complete system that is accurate and user-friendly, while assuring you, our customer, has a piece of equipment that can be adjusted to provide exacting tolerances for any job specification.

The IDBI is far superior to others on the market for accuracy in bar placement location, productivity and meeting rideability specifications.

Over two decades, we have sent out field representatives and engineering and research teams to the job sites to study our dowel bar insertion process and make improvements to assure our system continues to be the most advanced and operator-friendly dowel placement method in the industry. Inspectors and civil engineers expect accuracy in the bar location in the slab and contractors wanted the process incorporated in the paver without huge transport and setup demands.

The insertion forks on the new IDBI have been designed to provide the industry standard in bar placement accuracy. The fork design also reduces the amount of scarring on insertion and vibration consolidates and closes material around the inserted bars. A tamper bar, unique oscillating straightedge, paving pan and stainless repair the scarring in the slab.