Gomaco RTP-500 Rubber-Tracked Placer

RTP-500 Placing Conveyor Provides High-Production Results

High-production results are achieved with the versatility of the long placing conveyor.

The conveyor is 35 feet (10.67 m) long and 36 inches (914 mm) wide, with 170 degree hydraulic swing, and 12 feet (3.66 m) of hydraulic elevation adjustment.

The placing conveyor allows for fast and accurate material placement from the haul road, over the stringline or other obstacles, and reaches across the grade. The conveyor deflector directs the flow of concrete at the discharge end of the conveyor.

Receiving Hopper Designed For Maximum Throughput

The auger-style receiving hopper is 10.75 feet (3.28 m) wide, and has a working capacity of 4.75 yd3 (3.63 m3). It’s built with the strength and durability for handling high-volume throughput for end-dump paving operations. The hopper features a 12 inch (305 mm) hydraulic vertical adjustment to allow for variable gate height on dump trucks. A 14 inch (356 mm) diameter auger with split flighting and speeds up to 88 rpm quickly moves the material to the transfer conveyor. Shaft-mounted eccentric vibrators provide vibration for emptying the hopper after each load and increased flowability. The hopper/truck seal is supported by a hydraulically tensioned cable for consistent sealing on a wide variety of dump truck bodies. The 36 inch (914 m) wide, 16.6 foot (5.06 m) long transfer conveyor moves material to the rear placing conveyor at speeds up to 608 feet per minute (185 mpm). Both conveyors are activated with a single switch and have individual speed controls.