T/C-400 Texture/Cure Machine

Versatility Is Provided With GOMACO’s Texturing/Curing Machines

Both the T/C-400 and T/C-600 frames permit width adjustment from 12 ft. 10 in. (3.91 m) up to 56 ft. 10 in. (17.32 m).

The T/C-400 is equipped with two end cars, each having two hydraulically powered, foam-filled rubber flotation tires, and the T/C-600 is equipped with two hydraulically powered, gear-driven crawler tracks.

The T/C-600 accomplishes tasks quickly because of its optional high travel speed. The 176 fpm (53.6 mpm) is the fastest in the industry.

Skewed Tining Option

GOMACO’s T/C-400 and T/C-600 texture/cure machines are available with a skewed tining option. It allows the travel of the tining bars to run a skewed path, while the frame of the machine is square to the slab. It simplifies the ability to transverse tine on newly paved streets and highways requiring a skew texture.

In the past, the frame of the texture/cure machine had to be skewed and incorporated the use of a secondary crawler track mount with a center pivot, which added length to the machine. The skewed frame had to be broken down for transport.

With the skewed tining option, the tine rake on the texture/cure is gear driven, and as the rake travels across the slab, it moves longitudinally in a sliding mechanism through the mount. The final tining pattern is accomplished simply by sliding only the rake. No matter where the broom starts or stops, it always has the same skewed pattern, because it is timed off the carriage’s back and forth travel. The sliding movement is controlled by a timing chain that runs from end panel to end panel. The direction of the skew can easily be changed by moving the timing chain either over or under the main drive sprocket on the upper carriage.

The skewed tining option was designed for simplicity. There are no electronic controls with the texture/cure’s skewed tining option. The sprockets, chains and mechanical items are ordinary pieces that are easily replaceable and can be purchased at the local hardware store.