Tiger Depackaging System

Feed, Process and Extract—in One Machine

Featuring the HS-30 and the HS-55 Low Profile, HS-55 Standard, HS-09 and the HS-90 Paper Pulp Solution.

Engineered specifically for material depackaging and organic separation, the innovative Tiger Depackaging System combines the action of a shredder, screen and extrusion auger all in one piece of equipment. After materials (wet or dry) are loaded into the hopper, the unique action separates the organic fraction from the inorganic packaging. This produces contaminant-free organics and clean, dry inorganics. The consistency of the discharged organics can be either solid or liquid depending on desired needs. No pretreatment or material prep needed. Just turn it on, load it up, and have it process product to generate more revenue from your source material.