Machining and Fabrication

ICM Solutions has a large compliment of both conventional (manual) and CNC machines for batch, single part proto-typing, repair and complex parts.

The implementation of our extensive quality control program, along with years of experience with complex and difficult parts and processes, make ICM Solutions the right choice for your large scale and high accuracy projects.

ICM’s Machining & Fabrication is a world class full service machine, fabrication and welding facility. In addition to, ICM also offers a wide variety of unmatched services in:

  • Hydraulic cylinder rebuild and repair.
  • Radiator and heat exchangers rebuild and repair.
  • Track press rebuild and repair.

ICM Solutions offers a wide range of capabilities including manual and CNC machine tools, state of the art angle burn table and a fleet of highly skilled and equipped field machinists.

Take a look at each area of our Machining and Fabrication

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