1. The first competitive advantage will come from using what is known as “true-hole” technology. This capability will allow us to provide a true bolt hole cut that doesn’t require any additional machining or intervention once it is cut on the table.
  2. The second competitive advantage is the beveling capability on the plasma torch. Beveled edges and countersunk holes are often needed on plate that is being cut in our shop and out in the market. To meet this need manual beveling and machining has to be done by us or our customers. This torch will cut the beveled edge and countersink holes as needed right on the table without requiring any additional manual processing.
  3. The third competitive advantage is the increased speed and piercing capability at which the plasma torch can work. The table will cut 2” mild steel at a rate of 30 inches per minute (IPM) and 1” mild steel at 85 IPM, all with a pierce time of less than 2 seconds.